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Nintendo 64 price cutsEdit

Nintendo 64 price cuts
Country Date Price Source
United States September 1996 $199 (launch price)
United States March 1997 $149 (-$50)
United States August 1998 $129 (-$20)
United States August 1999 $99 (-$30)
UK March 1997 £250 (launch price) [1]
UK May 1997 £150 (-100£) [2]
Japan June 1996 ¥25,000 (launch price) [3]
Europe ? ? ?

Note, in mid-early '98 the price situation is a bit fuzzy. During this time the PS1 Dual Shock system was released at $129, so the old models were marked down to $109. At this time Nintendo had a "limited time" $20 rebate on their $149 N64. Soon, though, the Dual Shock system was put to $129, and the non-Dual Shock systems had ceased production. Nintendo made $129 their standard price too.[4][5]


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