Nintendo is a Japanese videogame developer and publisher. It was established in 1889, producing gamecards, before breking through at the electronic market during the 1970's.

The late–1980's and early–1990s, Nintendo scored international successes with the NES and SNES. During mid–1996, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 console.

Games Developed By NintendoEdit

Title(s) Year first released Publisher Regions released Number of players ESRB/ Genre
Legend MThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask2000NintendoJP, NA, PAL1E/11+Action/Adventure
Legend OThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time1998NintendoJP, NA, PAL1E/3+Action/Adventure
Yoshi's Story1997NintendoJP, NA, PAL1E/3+Action/Adventure/2D Platformer
Super Mario 641996NintendoJP, NA, PAL1K-A/3+Action/Adventure/3D Platformer
Star Fox 641997NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Action/Flight/3D Rail Shooter
Dr. Mario 642001NintendoNA4 !1–4E/—Arcade/Action/Puzzle
Pokémon Puzzle League2000NintendoNA, PAL2 !1–2E/3+Arcade/Action/Puzzle
Pokémon Stadium1999NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Battle/Strategy/Training
Pokémon Stadium 22000NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Battle/Strategy/Training
F-Zero X1998NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Racing/Battle
Mario Kart 641996NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Racing/Battle
Animal Crossing2001NintendoJP1Simulation/Living/Social
Wave Race 641996NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Sports/Jet Ski
1080° Snowboarding1998NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Snowboarding