Games Developed By NintendoEdit

Title(s) Year first released Publisher Regions released Number of players ESRB/ Genre
Legend MThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask2000NintendoJP, NA, PAL1E/11+Action/Adventure
Legend OThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time1998NintendoJP, NA, PAL1E/3+Action/Adventure
Yoshi's Story1997NintendoJP, NA, PAL1E/3+Action/Adventure/2D Platformer
Super Mario 641996NintendoJP, NA, PAL1K-A/3+Action/Adventure/3D Platformer
Star Fox 641997NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Action/Flight/3D Rail Shooter
Dr. Mario 642001NintendoNA4 !1–4E/—Arcade/Action/Puzzle
Pokémon Puzzle League2000NintendoNA, PAL2 !1–2E/3+Arcade/Action/Puzzle
Pokémon Stadium1999NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Battle/Strategy/Training
Pokémon Stadium 22000NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Battle/Strategy/Training
F-Zero X1998NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Racing/Battle
Mario Kart 641996NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Racing/Battle
Animal Crossing2001NintendoJP1Simulation/Living/Social
Wave Race 641996NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4K-A/3+Sports/Jet Ski
1080° Snowboarding1998NintendoJP, NA, PAL4 !1–4E/3+Sports/Snowboarding



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