The funtastic color series is the most known color scheme. They are separated in three generations. The first generation is totally translucent, the second have a translucent top and a white bottom and the last generation have a translucent top with grey parts on the bottom. Some limited edition were extracted from both kind. The first and third series were released world wide but the second was only available in japan and Europe. A funtastic Clear Purple prototype also have been made by Nintendo Of Europe in limited piece.

First Funtastic GenerationEdit

They are translucent color plastic. Colors are Smoke Black, Jungle Green, Fire Orange, Ice Blue, Watermelon Red, Grape Purple / Midnight Blue.

Second Funtastic GenerationEdit

The top is translucent but the bottom is "pale white". There's just 2 released color (Clear blue and Clear red)

Third Funtastic GenerationEdit

This generation count 2 model, a Grape Purple - Midnight Blue and a Fire Orange with some parts in white on the bottom but no the full bottom layer as in the second funtastic generation.


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