This is a list of Nintendo 64 serial numbers and the associated motherboard revision.

Don't hesitate to add yours :)



Serial Number

Motherboard revision Notes timson72
NUJ10117572 NUS-CPU-02 speedlolita
NUJ10185860 NUS-CPU-01
NUJ10260110 NUS-CPU-02
NUJ10379732 NUS-CPU-02
NUJ10442567 NUS-CPU-02 Shadow_Zero
NUJ10443582 NUS-CPU-02
NUJ10950746 NUS-CPU-02
NUJ10961070 NUS-CPU-02
NUJ11284943 NUS-CPU-03
NUJ12131838 NUS-CPU-03
NUJ12991373 NUS-CPU-04
NUJ13319819 NUS-CPU-04
NUJ13398716 NUS-CPU-04
NUJ13624446 NUS-CPU-05
NUJ13664217 NUS-CPU-05
NUJ13766992 NUS-CPU-05
NUJ13826703 NUS-CPU-04 dsx
NUJ13871399 NUS-CPU-05 Gold model Shadow_Zero
NUJ14712392 NUS-CPU-05-1
NUJ15137462 NUS-CPU-08 Clear Red & White dsx
NUJ11725199 NUS-CPU-02 Charcoal BostonJohnathan


Serial Number Motherboard Revision Notes Owner
NS100064957 NUS-CPU-02
NS100086232 NUS-CPU-02 Store Kiosk Unit
NS100144468 NUS-CPU-03
NS100431445 NUS-CPU-03
NS100500585 NUS-CPU-03 GeneraLight
NS100852325 NUS-CPU-03
NS100860733 NUS-CPU-03 dsx
NS100932881 NUS-CPU-03
NS101568393 NUS-CPU-03
NS102245156 NUS-CPU-03
NS103690405 NUS-CPU-03
NS105145712 NUS-CPU-03
NS105519094 NUS-CPU-03
NS105866648 NUS-CPU-03
NS105993542 NUS-CPU-03
NS107466808 NUS-CPU-03
NS108315440 NUS-CPU-03
NS109807944 NUS-CPU-03
NS115716209 NUS-CPU-03
NS118476667 NUS-CPU-03
NS119128565 NUS-CPU-03
NS122626751 NUS-CPU-03
NS124591453 NUS-CPU-03
NS127767114 NUS-CPU-03
NS127855507 NUS-CPU-03
NS127959472 NUS-CPU-03
NS128695706 NUS-CPU-03
NS129820732 NUS-CPU-03
NS130427562 NUS-CPU-03
NS132070599 NUS-CPU-03
NS133533895 NUS-CPU-03
NS133598474 NUS-CPU-03
NS135731008 NUS-CPU-04
NS136718770 NUS-CPU-04
NS141192398 NUS-CPU-04
NS143950163 NUS-CPU-04
NS144204234 NUS-CPU-04
NS146956520 NUS-CPU-04
NS147230940 NUS-CPU-04
NS153056367 NUS-CPU-04
NS153195134 NUS-CPU-04
NS157560440 NUS-CPU-04
NS163367613 NUS-CPU-04
NS163494074 NUS-CPU-04 RLG
NS167167462 NUS-CPU-04
NS168051067 NUS-CPU-04
NS168122002 NUS-CPU-04
NS170611204 NUS-CPU-04
NS173301669 NUS-CPU-04
NS175432439 NUS-CPU-04
NS178983341 NUS-CPU-04
NS180431212 NUS-CPU-04
NS180875351 NUS-CPU-04
NS201519219 NUS-CPU-04
NS204554187 NUS-CPU-04
NS205730658 NUS-CPU-05
NS208495233 NUS-CPU-05
NS214868793 NUS-CPU-05
NS215823142 NUS-CPU-05
NS215885478 NUS-CPU-05
NS219006367 NUS-CPU-05
NS219449416 NUS-CPU-05
NS220244512 NUS-CPU-05
NS225840672 NUS-CPU-05
NS229261794 NUS-CPU-05
NS230549744 NUS-CPU-05
NS232064337 NUS-CPU-05
NS233995890 NUS-CPU-06
NS235136963 NUS-CPU-05
NS235377564 NUS-CPU-06
NS237047359 NUS-CPU-05
NS243965036 NUS-CPU-05
NS246171120 NUS-CPU-05
NS244104601 NUS-CPU-07
NS245115552 NUS-CPU-07
NS246402262 NUS-CPU-07
NS245536326 NUS-CPU-05
NS245848030 NUS-CPU-05
NS251298027 NUS-CPU-08
NS254642506 NUS-CPU-08 dsx
NS254977622 NUS-CPU-05-1
NS264455462 NUS-CPU-05-1
NS269817494 NUS-CPU-08
NS270238981 NUS-CPU-08
NS272135424 NUS-CPU-05-1
NS277755566 NUS-CPU-08
NS279164397 NUS-CPU-08
NS281891694 NUS-CPU-08-1
NS283495234 NUS-CPU-08-1
NS283930261 NUS-CPU-04 Jungle Green
NS285952469 NUS-CPU-08-1
NS290757509 NUS-CPU-08-1
NS291430616 NUS-CPU-08-1
NS292228809 NUS-CPU-08-1
NS292768992 NUS-CPU-08-1
NS294098257 NUS-CPU-09-1
NS297648602 NUS-CPU-09
NS298663130 NUS-CPU-09
NS302830466 NUS-CPU-09-1
NS900364875 NUS-CPU-03 Charcoal Grey GeneraLight
NS901672245 NUS-CPU-09

Consoles with NS9xxxxxxxx serial numbers appear to be Nintendo refurbished systems and have a new serial number sticker placed over the original sticker. Here is an example picture of a boxed Nintendo refurbished system:-

So far half of all reported 'NS9' consoles have used the NUS-CPU-09 motherboard, however since all 'NS9' consoles have likely been refurbished Nintendo could have installed whatever motherboard revision they had available at the time.


Serial Number Motherboard revision Notes Owner
NS600032326 NUS-CPU-03
NS600164713 NUS-CPU-03




NS605032116 NUS-CPU-05
NS605180732 NUS-CPU-05
NS607623275 NUS-CPU-05
NS610192102 NUS-CPU-05


Serial Number Motherboard revision Notes Owner
NUP10009929 NUS-CPU(P)-01 Dutch launch console Shadow_Zero
NUP11779611 NUS-CPU(R)-01 NUS-001(FRA) Shadow_Zero
NUP11813899 NUS-CPU(R)-01 NUS-001(FRA) Lt. Lynx
NUP11982009 NUS-CPU(R)-01 NUS-001(FRA) Shadow_Zero
NUP12347427 NUS-CPU(P)-01 dsx
NUP12476367 NUS-CPU(P)-01
NUP13723487 NUS-CPU(P)-01
NUP13892869 NUS-CPU(P)-01
NUP14532449 NUS-CPU(P)-01 NUS-002(EUR) BlackDuke07
NUP15058110 Unknown

Goldeneye 007 PAL Boxed Console - NUS-S-HF-UKV-3, NUS-001 (EUR)

NUP15271127 Unknown NUS-001 (EUR)
NUP15465864 NUS-CPU(P)-01
NUP15754441 NUS-CPU(P)-02
NUP15787038 NUS-CPU(P)-02
NUP16551203 NUS-CPU(P)-01 Pikachu Model
NUP16672717 NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 dsx
NUP16823449 NUS-CPU(P)-03-1 Ice Blue (white bottom) Shadow_Zero

RGB Moddable N64s KeychartEdit

NTSC N64 motherboard revisions that can be RGB modded:

NUS-CPU-04 (C-Sync not available from this revision and onwards)

NTSC N64 motherboard revisions that can't be (easily) RGB modded:


PAL N64 motherboard revisions that can be RGB modded:

NUS-CPU(R)-01 (NUS-001(FRA))

PAL N64 motherboard revisions that can't be (easily) RGB modded:



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